Heat Death [Common Meter]

A timeless time will come to be,
when all is uniform.
And nothing 's hot & nothing 's cold,
but all is just lukewarm.

So thank your lucky stars you've lived
in this age of bedlam:
when stars can shine and buildings rise
and we've cerebellums.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

I’m thankful for:

-my wife.

-family and friends.


-my health and the good health of others.

-beef (when you live where 90% of stores sell only chicken and mutton–because those are the only edible animals that managed to avoid offending the sensibilities of one of the major belief systems–you have to go rogue every once in a while. We found a place were we could get fresh, and safe, pork and beef today.)

-Bangalore’s great climate.



pad thai.


-that humanity has not yet proven too smart for its own good.

-that humanity has not yet proven too stupid to survive.