Sunflower Haiku

a thousand suns
shine upon my face,
one on my back


golden field
exalts the summer
while it lasts


lone flower
with stem to sun’s rays,
miffed or broken?


flower heads
twisting in unison
rapt attention


speeding by
the sunflowers blur
yet still flame

POEM: Sepia Seeps In

I see my twenties in sepia tone — grainy

— not to mention flat.

Should it surprise me that my memories are cast in the hue of old photos?

I never remember owning the pants that I see myself wearing.

It seems to me that if I really remembered that time I should remember the pants.

A kid born today will probably have holographic selfies,

and thus a chance to look back on youth in 3-D,

but it’ll never be quite right, will it?

Out a Window Haiku

the snow falls
silent and slantwise
“KNOCK-KNOCK” ear check

darkness drifted in
between last look and now
wifely cover theft

monsoon rains
awesome from the inside
awful to be in

in India,
seeing no one outside?
Rapture feared

out my window
fiery orange blossoms
are in season

POEM: Sounds Like End-Product

blacksmith forges bands for a cooper
tap-tap-CLANG, tap-tap-CLANG!

staves for the barrel planed from oak
stip-stip-SHHISSH, stip-stip-SHHISSH

whiskey from the cooper’s barrel
glug-glug-GLUG, glug-glug-GLUG

souse staggers from the bar at night

Tropical Haiku

Heliconia Rostrata

lobster-claw plant
flaming in red and yellow
headless bird stack

dimple sands with a thud
tin roof heart attack

seeking relief
from the humidity,
entered greenhouse

little lizard
crawling under the door
take bug duty!

i recall short days
just as i recall cold days
nostalgia trumps truth

POEM: The Vampire Rule

Edvard Munch; “Vampire”

They say a Vampire can’t enter your house unless you invite them inside.

I don’t know whether it’s true, on account of I don’t know if Vampires are a thing.

But I recognize a rule that is good and true when I hear one.

I always hear this or that person complaining about how such-and-such is,

“…living in my head, rent free.”

Well, who invited them?