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IMG_2639I have a 500 hour yoga teacher certification (RYT500) as well as one for Children’s Yoga Teaching (RCYT.) I did my RYT200 and RCYT at a1000 yoga and my RYT300 at Amrutha Bindu Yoga Shala (both in Bengaluru, India.) My profile at Yoga Alliance can be viewed here.

I’ve practiced yoga in America, Thailand, Hungary, and India.

Before I ever began studying yoga proper, I was a long-time practitioner of a system of stretching and conditioning called junan taiso, which looks a little like a simplified version of yoga. Junan taiso was handed down as part of the Japanese martial art that I’ve studied my entire adult life.

I currently teach a small class three mornings a week, teach occasionally for charitable organizations, and do various substitute teaching.

I’m working on a course that will include yoga as part of a combatives optimized physical training (COPT) regimen. This will involve stretching and strengthening designed to prevent common martial art injuries. I’m also interested in the subject of how yoga can be used to combat stress and help facilitate the body’s natural repair work.

Seva teaching at an orphanage

Seva teaching at an orphanage




  1. Nikki Veliz says:

    Wow. The aim of your course sounds fantastic! I’m very much intrigued!


  2. Oh, Great….never met somebody who as ‘Travel Soul Yoga & Adventure’ in his blood stream, as I do….nice to see that a few of us, we are still around. Smile.


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