IMG_2639I have a 500 hour yoga teacher certification (RYT500) as well as one for Children’s Yoga Teaching (RCYT.) I did my RYT200 and RCYT at a1000 yoga and my RYT300 at Amrutha Bindu Yoga Shala (both in Bengaluru, India.) My profile at Yoga Alliance can be viewed here.

I’ve practiced yoga in America, Thailand, Hungary, and India.

Before I ever began studying yoga proper, I was a long-time practitioner of a system of stretching and conditioning called junan taiso, which looks a little like a simplified version of yoga. Junan taiso was handed down as part of the Japanese martial art that I’ve studied my entire adult life.

I currently teach a small class three mornings a week, teach occasionally for charitable organizations, and do various substitute teaching.

I’m working on a course that will include yoga as part of a combatives optimized physical training (COPT) regimen. This will involve stretching and strengthening designed to prevent common martial art injuries. I’m also interested in the subject of how yoga can be used to combat stress and help facilitate the body’s natural repair work.

Seva teaching at an orphanage

Seva teaching at an orphanage



11 thoughts on “Yogi

  1. Hi Bernie, I ran into your blog when searching for information on New Acropolis Bangalore. You’ve got a fascinating profile. I’ve bookmarked your blog to explore at leisure. I liked your review of Acropolis – a well-written and balanced piece. It helped make up my mind (don’t think will go for it). 🙂 Do you have any recommendations for a crash course on ancient and modern philosophy that also helps deal with life? Also, do you still conduct Yoga classes in Bangalore? Cheers!

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    • Thanks. I don’t know of any other in person philosophy courses. Online there are good source of information on YouTube, such as Crash Course Philosophy. Though not many of those that I’ve seen look at life philosophy. There are some books like Jules Evans “Philosophy for Life” as well as Puett’s “The Path” and Slingerland’s “Trying Not to Try” (Taoist / Chinese approaches.) “What the Buddha Taught” (Rahula) also has a lot of pragmatic information.

      I haven’t taught in some time because of the pandemic, but when things get back to normal I likely will resume.

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  2. I’m highly impressed with this subject which you published. I wrote some articles about indian yoga and philosophy in my blog. Especially to Raja yoga by Swami Vivekananda. The great yogi and Russian writer, Tolstoy was influenced by the books of Vivekananda.

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