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DAILY PHOTO: Belur’s Hoysala Temple Under Blue Skies

Taken in November of 2013 at Chennakeshava Temple of Belur

DAILY PHOTO: Qu Yuan and the Pagoda, Chinese Gardens

Taken in October of 2016 in the Chinese Garden in Singapore

DAILY PHOTO: Nepali Eyes

Bhaktapur, Nepal; Seen on a cable spool


Taken in April of 2018 in Bhaktapur, Nepal; Bas-relief on door frame


Kathmandu; On a pillar at the base of the stairs to the monkey temple (Swayambhunath)


Kathmandu; Minor stupa


Kathmandu; Near Kathesimbu Stupa, I believe


Kathmandu; On the [in]famous Freak Street

DAILY PHOTO: Lapu Lapu, Rizal Park

Taken in December of 2017 in Manila

DAILY PHOTO: Varanasi Ghats in the Warm Morning Light

Chet Singh Ghat


Prabhu Ghat


Jain Ghat; Taken in Varanasi (Benares) in October of 2015


Taken in October of 2016 in Leh

DAILY PHOTO: The Colors of Vác

Taken in December of 2014 in Vác

DAILY PHOTO: Little Rhino in the Grass, Kaziranga

Taken in April of 2017 in Kaziranga National Park, Assam


DAILY PHOTO: Slender-Snouted Crocodile

Taken in May of 2017 at Kalimba Reptile Park outside Lusaka

DAILY PHOTO: Sun Rising Over a Ridge in the Annapurnas

Taken in May of 2018 in the Annapurna Sanctuary


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