Skink Limerick

The reptile known as the Five-Lined Skink
 is silent, but not as covert as you'd think.
   From the front end it blends,
   but its bright blue back end
 catches the eye no matter how slowly it slinks.

Elephantine March [Free Verse]

The herd is on the march.

They lumber with slow

The young achieve   
       playful swagger,
        but aren't allowed
         too wide of the line. 

I wonder whether they're
       going someplace good?

Mongoose Crossing [Free Verse]

A mongoose crosses the road.
 My mind makes it Rikki Tikki Tavi.

Is there a cobra in the tall grass?
 Is this a heroic mongoose? 

The mongoose disappears from sight,
 and I'm left with no answers.