Everything City [Free Verse]

Everything is happening 
   somewhere in that city.

Blocks of block buildings
   broken into smaller blocks,
    in turn into smaller ones.

Those blocks -- rooms --
    are the city's unit of interest.

So many rooms,
    so much potential for the:

Someone is hanging 
   from a rafter,
   waiting to be found.

Thousands are masturbating.

AI surveys the porn they surf,
    making new genres in real time
    based on unfulfilled search terms...

In one room, a scientist
    figured out a cure for cancer
    in a burst of inspiration,
    but by the time she'd found a pen,
    she'd lost it -- no trace remaining.

    She then convinced herself
         she'd never really had it...

         but she had. 

Everything that can happen 
   has happened,
   will happen,
   and is happening
   in the city. 

Pune Limerick

There was a fast programmer from Pune
   who rolled the dice on Lady Fortuna.
 He caused more blue screens
  than you've ever seen
 'til they fired that wild coder from Pune.

Off-Kilter [Free Verse]

woke up,
   stitched up;
 something growing
   deep within

inside /
 what strange hell 
    is this?

what's this box i
   built within my brain:
 old ideas keeping
    out the light

i read a story,
   made a movie --
 all within my mind,

but something grew out
   that i couldn't comprehend