DAILY PHOTO: Puppies and Goats of Bhaktapur

Rubble Puppy


Temple goat


Dog disappointed with a package


Goat resting on a plinth; Taken in May of 2018 in Bhaktapur, Nepal

POEM: Man’s Best [and Faster] Friend


Once there was a dog and a man.
The dog chased and the human ran.
The dog got leaner, the man fitter.
But sometimes got bit, and being bit got bitter.


Chased, one day, a bone in hand.
The man devised a clever plan.
Raising the club, he flung it aside.
The dog caught its meal in mid-stride.


From that day on man carried meat.
To offer dog a tasty treat.
Dog, it seems, had trained its master.
No more racing to get faster.


Thirty thousand years then past.
Pavlov trained at dog at last.
Humans are slow, but can learn.
As the world, in due time, turns.


DAILY PHOTO: The Puppy Who Didn’t Know How Much He Could Chew

Taken in December of 2014 in Budapest in the City Park (Városliget)

Taken in December of 2014 in Budapest in the City Park (Városliget)

I watched this little dog carry this stick across Budapest’s City Park. He set it down once, or maybe twice, to regrip it in its teeth, but otherwise it kept trotting along. The stick was about 1.5 times the dog’s length and about the diameter of a woman’s wrist.

The expression goes, “Don’t bite off more than you can chew,” but I applaud that this puppy was willing to shoot for the stars.


DAILY PHOTO: Street Dog in a Fountain

Taken in April of 2014 in Bangalore.

Taken in April of 2014 in Bangalore.

20140417_152720Saw a dog doing its business in the fountain of a swanky office building the other day. If that doesn’t capture the spirit of Bangalore, I’m not sure what does.