DAILY PHOTO: Helicopter in the Mountains

Taken in May of 2018 near Annapurna Base Camp [ABC]

Mountain Fog [Free Verse]

fogged in at a teahouse,
a growing gray of view,

this world lacks 
sharp lines,
excepting the hint of:

-a sloping roofline
-a building's corner

 these lines are 
sharp relative to
the amorphous gray;

but fuzzy compared to 
the same line's clarity 
on a blue sky day

they're blurred, 
as if the village
had been painted by a
skilled - but lazy -

a sumi-e master
with a melancholy soul

POEM: Kathmandu [PoMo Day 19 – Acrostic]

Keeper of arcane secrets
A land of great escapes
Temple-hopping hotspot
Hash-haggling hippie hive
Mystical mo-mo madness
Ancient trade bazar
Never knew Empire
Durbar Square 's the downtown
Underwater, back before its day