Andy Warhol Limerick

There was an artist named Andy Warhol
whose paintings sure enough weren't for all.
Like a flimflam man
he copied soup cans,
and viewers saw [not Campbell, but] Warhol.

Conflicted Botanist Limerick

There once was a Philosopher-Botanist
who, on his jobs, had been an optimist.
But he bred seedless fruits,
and came to feel in cahoots
with purpose-denying nihilist dogmatists.

Spanish Inquisition Limerick

There once was a Grand Inquisitor --
a most unpopular visitor.
His knock at your door
meant you were done for.
He could paint even a saint sinister.

Lizard Limerick

An Eastern Garden Lizard prowling its garden
was interrupted by, "Hey, I beg your pardon,
but aren't you big for this park?"
"I'm afraid you've missed the mark.
I don't live here; I own all of these gardens."