DAILY PHOTO: Root Bridges

Taken in 2017 near Cherrapunji in Meghalaya
The Double-Decker Root Bridge

DAILY PHOTO: Himachali House

Taken in Great Himalayan National Park in Himachal Pradesh in June of 2015.

DAILY PHOTO: Havelock Island Feathered Sunrise

Taken in December of 2018 on Havelock Island (a.k.a. Swaraj Island)

DAILY PHOTO: Vattakottai Fort Beach

Taken in December of 2020 at Vattakotai Fort Beach, near Kanyakumari [to the South]
To the north

POEM: Calamity Came

We heard the sound, distant rumbling.
We watched the castles fall, crumbling.

The choice of running to the rubble,
or staying safe in our bubble.

But either way, someway it'd hurt
with either hands or head in dirt.

Some tragedies are too galactic,
and words just sing anticlimactic.