South India Haiku

tall grass walking —
waves of grasshoppers
take the lead

one droplet
clings to the drooping point
of a leaf’s tip

red fire ball,
rising over broken
boulder lands

egret & ox,
patrolling the fields – a
baffling pair

when scale fades —
granite dome – forest-fringed,
becomes rock in grass

DAILY PHOTO: Red Flowers, Chennagiri Hill

Taken on Chennagiri Hill on July 4, 2020.


Chennagiri Hill; July 4, 2020

Ramanagara Hill; July 3, 2020

Ramanagara Hill

DAILY PHOTO: Cool Bugs of Karnataka

Dead Leaf Mantis; Taken in Ramanagara Hills on July 3, 2020

Six-Spotted Ground Beetle [a.k.a. Saber-Tooth Ground Beetle and Domino Beetle — fyi: Don’t pick up these buggers as they spray formic acid.]

Mantis; Chennagiri Hill; July 4, 2020

Wasps; Chennagiri; July 4, 2020