DAILY PHOTO: White Sand Beach, Isla Mujeres

Taken in 2009 at Playa El Cocal on Isla Mujeres

Chennai Limerick

"How big 's the beach?" asked a tourist in Chennai
"the beach is half-a-klick," came the reply.
"No, he's got it wrong;
it's six K. M. long,
but it is almost half a klick wide!"

DAILY PHOTO: Havelock Island Feathered Sunrise

Taken in December of 2018 on Havelock Island (a.k.a. Swaraj Island)

DAILY PHOTO: Vattakottai Fort Beach

Taken in December of 2020 at Vattakotai Fort Beach, near Kanyakumari [to the South]
To the north