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DAILY PHOTO: Mátyás Templom

Taken in December of 2016 in Budapest Hungary


DAILY PHOTO: Langur in the Green: A Portrait

Taken in May of 2017 at Amboseli National Park in Kenya

POEM: Elephantine

That mammal stands a mile tall.
Far too proud to take a fall.

It lumbers on til days end,
nudging family round the bend.

Water hole. Day’s close. Circled up.
In the center stands a pup.

On infirm legs, the youth shakes
as adults stomp and earth quakes.

Predators stalk, but today’s odds
favor the prey and defy the gods.

5 Essential [and Sometimes Hilarious] TED Talks About the Human Body

5.) 3 Clues to Understanding your Brain by VS Ramachandran: Ramachandran discusses three afflictions that offer insight into the working of the brain. Capgras Syndrome occurs when individuals think loved ones have been replaced by impostors. Phantom limbs occur when there is an amputated limb which the brain continues to feel the presence of. Synesthesia is a muddling of sensory inputs /experiences.

4.) Charming Bowels by Giulia Enders: How we poop. How our gut nervous system influences our central nervous system. Why there is such a thing as “too clean for your own good.”

3.) Can We Create New Senses for Humans by David Eagleman: Our senses are narrowly attuned to taking in that information that offered evolutionary advantage to our ancestors. How might technology help us transcend those bounds?

2.) 10 Things You Don’t Know about Orgasm by Mary Roach: Eyebrow orgasm, thought-induced orgasm, orgasm among the deceased, and how orgasm may cure your hiccups.

1.) The Biology of Our Best and Worst Selves by Robert Sapolsky: Sapolsky explains that one can’t look at one biological system to understand violence or cooperation. Instead, genetics, environment, our nervous system, our endocrine system, and even the digestive system come into play. He also considers how we change.

DAILY PHOTO: Mountain Streams

Taken in June of 2015 in Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh

POEM: Aokigahara (青木ヶ原)

a sinkhole of depression

whose dark gravity

pulls to the rim

those troubled souls

seeking midnight’s comfort

DAILY PHOTO: Kolkata Miscellany

Kolkata street scene taken in July of 2016


Howrah Bridge Flower Market


Rabindranath Tagore poem


Howrah Bridge closeup


A bust in the Indian Museum


Freaky helmet in the Indian Museum

DAILY PHOTO: Steeple & Sky in Szentendre

Taken in December of 2014 in Szentendre, Hungary

POEM: Monsoon City Night

pavement shimmering in the arc lamp glow
human traffic hardens as water flows
a can glides, twisting, toward the storm drain
riding a ruddy river of rain

a torrent pours, night awash in white sound
sewers fill, the city gurgles and drowns
boarding the bus requires a quay
each monsoon night seeks a revival day

DAILY PHOTO: Camel & Cart

Taken in November of 2015 near Pushkar




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