POEM: Pondy

Brightly colored bougainvillea,
topping the stuccoed walls.
A sea breeze blows in from the Bay,
and through the market stalls

From Auroville down to the back-
waters where ships are docked,
Lighthouse beams shone out to sea —
now they’re beacon-topped.

The old churches and the temples,
the stacks of libraries,
Past written in six languages
in the obituaries

Summertime Haiku

sun shimmer,
flashing off the waves,
summer drifts
tall grass,
from green to tawny,
summer’s span
shady creek
between pines and pasture:
sun escape
bare soil in clumps and clods;
sun gone mean
far thunder,
rumbling skies and rain scent:
summer storm

Coastal Haiku

shore wash:
chasing, and chased by,
tiny feet

crab sand art
alien beach language
’til high tide

dark clouds.
fishing boats race
churning seas

spiked urchin
wedged amid the rocks,
step wisely

low tide
glass sea stretches to
the breakers