Sunflower Haiku

a thousand suns
shine upon my face,
one on my back


golden field
exalts the summer
while it lasts


lone flower
with stem to sun’s rays,
miffed or broken?


flower heads
twisting in unison
rapt attention


speeding by
the sunflowers blur
yet still flame

DAILY PHOTO: Szent János-Plébánia Templom [St. John the Baptist], Szentendre

Taken in the summer of 2011 in Szentendre

POEM: Sepia Seeps In

I see my twenties in sepia tone — grainy

— not to mention flat.

Should it surprise me that my memories are cast in the hue of old photos?

I never remember owning the pants that I see myself wearing.

It seems to me that if I really remembered that time I should remember the pants.

A kid born today will probably have holographic selfies,

and thus a chance to look back on youth in 3-D,

but it’ll never be quite right, will it?

DAILY PHOTO: Republic of Councils Monument, Budapest

Taken in the summer of 2002 near Budapest

On the southwestern outskirts of Budapest, there’s a park that collects many of the statues from the Communist era. These are statues that were in prominent locations during the Cold War, but were too historic to destroy. This, the Republic of Councils Monument, is one of the most impressive, and was at XIV. Dózsa György Utca (Felvonulási tér, near the City Park [Varosliget.]) 

At any rate, the Memento Park is where Communist art goes to be kitsch.