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DAILY PHOTO: Sunflowers in Garden of Dreams

Taken on April 20, 2018 in Kathmandu.

DAILY PHOTO: Train Station in a Remote Location

Taken in the Summer of 2010 in the Peruvian Andes

POEM: Off the Rails

Rails of sanity. Rails of convention. People find it scary, being afloat on endless seas.They long for rails, and the further out the tracks are laid, the easier they rest.

teary for the lunatic
who ventured off the rails
sitting in a open sea
adrift, not hoisting sails

worry not for me, my friend
horse latitudes are past
when the drifting day is done
i can always raise the mast

Death Haiku

scorpion corpse
sitting atop a wall
why die there?

vultures circle
i give them wide berth
they’ve yet to choose

ant-swarmed mantis
i thought you a leaf
do the ants know?

fresh flowers
mossy flush-set headstone
unseen, not lost

the potter’s field
out near the back fence
closer to the world

DAILY PHOTO: Two Side Views of the Sun Temple at Modhera


Taken in September of 2017 at Modhera, Gujarat

A Conversation of Mutual Disenchantment

“I remember being born.”

“No. You don’t.”

“How would you know?”

“Well, let’s start from the assumption that you’re human…”

“I’d like to think so, but what are my options?”

“I don’t know. Humans don’t have that neural machinery at birth… So nothing from Earth remembers its birth.”

“And yet, I do.”

“Mightn’t you have cobbled together the scene from your mom’s stories, the family photo album, et cetera?”

“Nah! It’s too detailed. Feels too real.”

“I find your ignorance exhausting.”

“I find your certainty perplexing — not to mention irritating and slap-worthy.”

“Let’s agree to be mutually disenchanted.”


DAILY PHOTO: Temple Gates at Hampi

Vitthala Temple; Taken in October of 2013 in Hampi


Achyutaraya Temple

POEM: The Sum of All Ignorance

Oh, take me on a learning spree.

Explain the nature of reality.

Am I living in a simulation?

Perhaps, dumb luck is the world’s foundation.

Does life have meaning, or must I make one?

Should I live for love, or live for fun?

Should I consecrate or desecrate?

Do I live by chance or live by fate?

The answers, they grow no nearer.

Am I the heard or the hearer?


If I received such a knowledge bearer,

would I awake in bliss or in terror?

DAILY PHOTO: Creatures of Victoria Falls National Park

Impala — you can tell by the “M” on their backsides


Baby in a tree


Gazelle (I think a Puku Gazelle, but I’m no expert.)


Water Monitor




Baboon, mother and baby


Cape Buffalo


Taken in April of 2017 in Mosi-oa-Tunya (Victoria Falls) National Park; Zebra

POEM: Deuce & Half

no diesel beast growls
quite like a deuce and half
laboring, lumbering, up a hill
it pops out a machine gun cadence
if a machine gun had to gasp now and again
gasp timed to gear grinding
then there is the chatter of the flap
that tinks upon the exhaust stack
beating out an unlovable rhythm
it smells like tarp, oily and musty
it feels like wood bench slats
that flex only with the most jarring bounce
but not enough to spare a kidney
helmets slop around on skulls
it’s a long drop when that creaky tailgate opens
who knows where?


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