DAILY PHOTO: Saint Thomas Church Museum, Diu

This building dates to 1598. It was the first parish church of Diu, but it isn’t a church at all anymore, but rather a museum.

DAILY PHOTO: Saalhof mit Rententurm, Frankfurt

Taken in November of 2022 in Frankfurt. Some of this building was once part of a palace complex and was later a customs office but is now the Frankfurt History Museum. Part of it is the oldest surviving structure in Frankfurt Old Town. (Much of the Old Town was decimated by bombing during the Second World War.)

DAILY PHOTO: Indian Weapon Display

Taken in September of 2017 at the Government Museum of Bangalore

DAILY PHOTO: Namgyal Institute of Tibetology, Gangtok

Taken in May of 2022 in Gangtok, Sikkim

DAILY PHOTO: Terror Háza Múzeum, Budapest

Taken in Budapest in 2014.

This museum, located at Andrássy út 60 in Budapest, was used by both the Arrow Cross Militia (i.e. the Hungarian fascists during WWII) and the ÁVH (the secret police from the Communist era.) Specially-constructed (and diabolical) torture cells in the basement probably made it convenient to keep from one regime to the next.