POEM: Escape Velocity

The need for new experience burns brightly

gummed into these walls daily and nightly.

I think back to my great escapes

first road-trip blown interstate —

like a loose leaf.

Thrilled like a thief

cutting open his first safe, hoping for something good,

but okay if it’s just a cheap bauble of simple wood.

DAILY PHOTO: Arikamedu

Taken on October 7, 2019 at Arikamedu. Arikamedu was a Roman trading post near Pondicherry. The ruins are much more recent, and the Roman and Greek artifacts from the site can be seen in the Pondicherry Museum. Regarding the mention of “Greek,” it was originally thought to first be a Greek post, but current consensus is that it started with the Romans (and later colonial powers as well as indigenous kingdoms had settlements there.)