DAILY PHOTO: Ohel David Synagogue, Pune

Tomb of David Sassoon, businessman & philanthropist who funded the Synagogue

FUN FACTS: – This is the largest synagogue in Asia (if you don’t count Israel as an Asian nation.) – But Pune has only about 200 Jews. – The synagogue is also called Laal Deval. – It was built in the 1860’s in the English Gothic style.

WORLD POETRY DAY: “Pay w/ a Poem” @ Urban Solace Cafe

Bangalore’s Urban Solace Cafe (https://www.facebook.com/UrbanSolaceCafe) does something cool, and kind to poets, for World Poetry Day. They have a “Pay with a Poem” event allowing people to buy a cup of coffee with an original poem today. So, if you’re in the Ulsoor Lake neighborhood, show them some love. My submission is below.


It’s said we each have one true love.
    I fear I may have two.
  Oh Coffee, dearest black coffee,
    I love your rich brown hue. 

I love your lava-like hotness, 
    and how you energize.
  Some have said you’re bad for my heart,
    but that’s a pack of lies.

I’ll consume you in the morning, 
    but cautiously at night.
  For if I take you in the eve,
    there'll be Aubades at first light.