PROMPT: Religion

Do you practice religion?

Not even a little.

I thought of starting my own, but having seen what people have done with ones founded by genuinely wise and good individuals (e.g. Buddha & Jesus,) I became preemptively disheartened about the prospects for one started by the likes of me.

DAILY PHOTO: Religious Buildings in Beijing

St. Joseph’s Church on Wanfujing Street (a.k.a. Wanfujing Church / Dongtang); Roman Catholic

Lama Temple (a.k.a. Yonghe Temple); Tibetan Buddhist (i.e. Vajrayana Buddhist)

Beijing Temple of Confucius; Confucian

DAILY PHOTO: St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Pune

Taken in March of 2023 in Pune.

DAILY PHOTO: A Looming Cathedral, Frankfurt

DAILY PHOTO: Scenes from Carnaval de Goa, 2023