Fool’s Wisdom [Free Verse]

license to speak
license to think.

the jester can say,
 apparently in jest,
 what he feels to be real,

and, if he does so with 
 sufficient linguistic dexterity
  to not be murdered by the monarch,

he has fool's wisdom. 

In Captivity [Free Verse]

bars at your back,

and their stripes
 permanently etched 
  into one's field of vision.

so much so, 
 that you feel they're 
  a ubiquitous feature
   of the world beyond. 

the cage should be a hated place,
 but one can grow to love the cage.

the cage is shelter.

the cage is delivery address
 for food & water disbursements.

the cage forms rollbars --
  like on a dune buggy --
   protection in the event 
    of a sudden & unexpected crash.

the cage offers one a range --
 narrow as it might be --
  of distances at which one's captor
   may be kept,

and, as long as the cage is shut,
 that gives one a delightful 
  illusion of control. 

what a hated place a cage should be,
 and yet how conflicted are the captives?

We Are Makers [Free Verse]

Are we Makers?
     Yes. We are!

And damn good ones at that.

We can turn a planet
      into plastic trinkets.

We can use every last morsel
      to make stuff:
           bright & shiny
            loud & colorful. 

We can even make ideas:
       good or bad,
       true or false,
 but always 100% believable.

We're the ones who invented Evil.

Yes, that whole toxic notion 
       is brought to you by us.

And Left-Wing & Right-Wing...

It used to be just a bunch of people
       trying their best to understand
       and to get by. 

But we built mental / conceptual corrals,
        corrals good enough that we 
        could no longer recognize each other 
        as part of the same species. 

We are Makers. 

Exit Wound [Free Verse]

What tears away in leaving,
  when one has grown into:
         - a person?
         - a place?

Can one grow into someone
      (or somewhere) such that 
      one is fused in a way that
      won't allow separation 
      without leaving a sacrifice?

Maybe one can't help but be
       webbed into some wider world,
       and can't help but leave
       pieces of oneself littering the Earth. 

Food for Thought [Voltaire & Smartphones]

When Voltaire said:

“Once a nation begins to think, it is impossible to stop it.”

I don’t think he’d anticipated smartphones.

Mythical Kings [Common Meter]

Don't sell us benevolent kings,
  such creatures can't exist.
 An unchecked mind won't self-censor,
  and lame dogma persists.

Doom-Mongers & Talking Heads [Lyric Poem]

You are not the heroes
   you think yourselves to be,
 dreaming up perfect worlds
    that can never be.

Anyone can picture
   a far-fetched perfection,
 and groan of other's faults
    with dead-eyed disaffection.

Let It Fly! [Free Verse]

Stand on a hill and howl.

Don't wait for the perfect moon.

Gather your thoughts, 
  & wash the:
      technocratic jargon, and
      weasel words
 out of mind & mouth.

(Those shitty words, phrases,
     and qualifiers are heavy,
      and will weigh down 
       your message & 
        keep it from sailing.) 

Then, belt it out.

Let your words fly.

Express your authentic self.

Huff & Puff, 
    and let the bricks fall 
     where they may.

The Golden Age Mythos [Common Meter]

There never was a Golden Age,
   a time much better than right now.
 But playing martyr 's all the rage:
    to think our world the garbage scow --
     whose stinking mass forever grows.
 Lest you think that I'm saying these
    are times of pure and sweet repose,
 Please, let me put your mind at ease:
These times are best. These times are worst.
    (To blatantly steal from Dickens.)
 This twist is just how we are cursed
    to shriek like that sky fall chicken.

A Life Improbable [Free Verse]

Each of us lives a life improbable,
 the gift of an ancestor who struggled 
 through some terror which killed others.

We each have an iron impulse 
 to maintain a cracking grip on life,
 but some won't ever be pried away,

growing like the stunted pine
 that juts from the mountainside:
 gnarled but indestructible.

Live improbably 
 with your life improbable.