Thai Yoga Bodyworker

IMG_0067When I moved to India, I began the study of Thai Yoga Bodywork (TYB.) In Thailand it’s usually just called Thai Massage, and in both India and Thailand some call it Nuad Bo Rarn. This system of bodywork is said to have its roots in Northern India about 2500 years ago with a doctor named Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha (aka Shivago Komarpaj.)  It involves a combination of assisted stretching and acupressure massage–imagine a lazy person’s yoga meets Japanese Shiatsu or Chinese Tui na.  In Thailand, the methods were synthesized with indigenous healing arts and perfected.

I’ve completed both the Level I and Level II TYB course and the Toksen course through the Inner Mountain School of Healing Arts. Toksen is a system of massage from Thailand that uses a wooden mallet and chisel (it’s rumored to have been born of the necessity of providing therapy for hard, sinewy Thai farmers, but is surprisingly relaxing.) The TYB style taught through IMOSHA is the Northern, or Chiang Mai, style.

I’ve also completed the General Thai Massage and Foot Massage courses at the Wat Pho Thai Traditional Massage School in Bangkok.

Receiving one of my certificates at Wat Pho School.

Receiving one of my certificates at Wat Pho School.

I’ve been studying TYB in conjunction with Yoga and other systems of health and revitalization. My focus is how these systems can be used to improve general health by facilitating the body’s immense powers to heal itself.



13 thoughts on “Thai Yoga Bodyworker

  1. Thanks for liking my article on using Inner Wisdom! I’m glad you did because it brought me to your page.

    Congratulations on your graduation. I’m so glad you found bodywork on your journey! I used to be a Shiatsu practitioner, and the info you learn serves you forever! The techniques help you heal yourself, your community, and loved ones.

    Good luck on your journey!

    Lisa, Owner, Bud & Rosa’s Handcrafted Shop

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  2. From your blog, I have learned to slow down. This seems like the perfect practice to add to my slower, more mindful practice of medicine/surgery these days. I seek higher quality without quantity which has lead to learning many Eastern practices. This is amazing. Thank-you

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  3. Nice blog. I like to read your blog. Thanks for sharing this information.Imosha has established a strong Thai Yoga Massage spa by offering incredible massage packages that are much demanded in today’s stressful lives. It has tapped almost every part of Mysore and is enjoying a leading edge now. Located in the middle of the town, it is very easy for the town folks to drop by and fetch the bliss.

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