DAILY PHOTO: Red Face and Big Ears

Taken at Barachukki Falls in July of 2014

Five Haiku

frost on grass
early morning chill
felt through eyes

wave wall warps,
becoming tubular
surf crashes

mountains turn
to smooth, round boulders,
then to pebbles

lost ruins
a temple overgrown,

slate gray lake
will be turquoise in time
new eyes, new lake


Taken in August of 2019 at Big Almaty Lake

POEM: The Rocky Coast

Rocky stumps jut from cold, mute seas.
Land’s jagged defenders.
From craggy pits gnarled bonsai sprout,
show of nature’s splendors.

Did land break up, thrust from the sea,
or sea eat away land?
And how’d its jolie laide charm bloom?
Rugged and unplanned.