DAILY PHOTO: Silver-Washed Fritillary, Kaindy Lake in Kazakhstan

Taken in Kazakhstan in the summer of 2019 near Kaindy Lake.

Which Way Did He Go? [Common Meter]

A caterpillar scurried on
at such a rapid pace,
but I forget which way it went
because it lacked a face.

It looked the same this way as that -
bereft of front and back.
And how'd it know which way to go?
It must have had a knack.

Mantis Kung Fu [Common Meter]

A mantis landed on the rail,
and it put up its dukes
as one might expect of madmen
or drunken Irish kooks.

Why would one seek out a fair fight
with someone much bigger,
I shook my head and started to
engage in a snigger.

But then it did occur to me
that he couldn't stand elsewise.
So, I tried to gauge his intent,
and looked him in the eyes...

and he stomped me in my nether bits -
much to my surprise.

A Thousand Feet & a Foot-Long [Common Meter]

The millipede was a foot long,
but, some might ask, whose foot?
Its own feet being quite petite
might suggest Lilliput.

But though it wasn't a footlong foot,
it was long for a bug,
a worm, a beetle, a wood mouse,
a spider, or a slug.

A snake that long would be a babe,
or, at least, quite stunted.
So, now I find my amazement
being a bit blunted.