Fateful Crossing Haiku

on a fence rail,
i saw a scorpion —
dead, but menacing

a dog nudges
its dead companion,

after life,
no one contemplates the

grasping the sword
like nothing depends upon

when you accept
that you, too, will be food,
death holds no sway

Haiku of Things that Flow

too high to flow, stretches,
hanging mists


crawling snake
in undulating glide
lazes through


taiji lady
does she drift slowly, or
slow the world?


gravity grabs
and slings a comet
soft hand unseen


glazed stone
water rolling over rock
sculpting pebbles

Haiku: Among Relics

amid ruins,
sitting on a worn stone,
knowing ancients


valley below
suggested but unseen
who hauled water?


dry stacked stones
placed with precision
by masters


jungle swallowed,
spreading like a fire, but


tell me, Old Stone,
what secrets did you witness

Still Winter Haiku

icy river
all the world stands still, or
pretends to

snow deadens
sounds and signs of life
a blank slate

the breeze dies
then the snow fall ceases
time freezing

deep footprints
tell of a man and a dog
hunting rabbit

an old church
the surrounding snow
is unmarred

Cold Moon Haiku

cold white circle
deformed in its reflection
upon black waters


howling lunatics
don’t make me fearful,
quiet ones do


glowing clouds
streaked thinly through the sky
moon’s canvas


silent evil
slid through night, watched over
by a cold moon


the moon is out
my bones have gone cold
i blame it not

Five Haiku Gone Awry

one-winged seed
drops, twirling to earth,
in slant descent


twisted petals
painted by textured brush
fall as one


porch-sitter views
a corn crib and red barn;
all slouch with age


trust all lambs
trust tigers to be tigers
trust man, not


if a sight
can quicken your pulse
it’s love… or death

Haiku on Music


listless drift
metronomic mast sweeps
the sea’s mute tune


snapping flags
halyard and hook ting the pole
spastic anthem


creek burble
amid the cedars
stream unseen


cave echoes
nothing that moves by sight
avoids bumped head


empty bars
rarely known in nature
end robustly



a crow caws
standing on a stout post
black eye watching

a child wonders,
beyond this rainy valley,
is it white?

nothing scurries
but mushrooms sprout
wet forest floor

lonely bus stop
one man waits for a nearly
empty bus

streaks of blue
viewed through cloudy skies
a bird hops



bitter winds
slice down from the north
so bone cold

damp air sinks
hangs as a cloak of cold
a straitjacket

starry skies
viewed through tent flap crescent
arctic outhouse

cold awakens
each moment, a moment lived
satori by ice

brisk joy
the skater’s frisson
feels electric