DAILY PHOTO: Around the Bend from Victoria Falls

Sunrise over the Zambezi
Around the bend from Victoria Falls
The Smoke that Thunders (Mosi-oa-Tunya) Taken in May of 2017

POEM: Frozen Waterfall [Sonnet]

The world stands like a frozen waterfall,
a river paralyzed, impossibly.
And silence replaces its rushing call.
In stillness, it spurns gabbling audibly.

How can a cataract become so hush,
its business being unceasing motion,
spending its days, constantly in a rush,
dispatching raindrops back to the ocean?

Yet, now it's a tower - still as a stone -
that looms like it's never known transience.
Its icy curtain, hard as a shinbone,
offers a wholly different ambience.

I can see its beauty, but am still sad,
thinking the falls should be beyond the fads.

Cataract Haiku

thundering falls
sing a mind into trance —
timeless sound

nearing the falls,
the grand spectacle becomes
a fog wall

sit under the cascade —
nails unhammered

seeking earth’s center,
the river drops as far as
land allows

a round boulder
sits at the precipice,
refusing to roll

Falling Water Haiku

thunder yon
Zambezi rafting
greenhorns beware

water wind-misted
plume-zone green

terraced hill
rice paddy cascades
depth perfection

dry season
murmur to trickle to
fall-less falls

level rising
the overspill rolls
pulling drops