Spring Yellow [Haibun]

The pond that was mirror clear in March is obscured by a thousand April flowers. Tiny yellow flowers standing on stiff stalks. The crisscross bands that stabilize the base of each flower somehow make the water look more viscous -- like clear syrup or polished glass. These pale proto-leaves, more root than leaf, float just below the surface. Somehow, these unstable structures hold tightly -- testament to the pond's tranquility.

yellow flowers
bloom from a clear pond
as if from glass 

Springtime Haiku

breezy days
cool air weaves its way
through the pines


birds abound,
passing through again,
heading home


the spring thaw
muddy ground squishes


dripping leaves,
patter of bulbous rain;
din of spring


color bursts,
fatal assault upon
dreary days

Early Spring Haiku


stalwart Beech tree
still gathering sunlight
on last year’s leaf


arrives to party first
eager flower


a bud breaks open
its tiny leaf waves hello
welcoming the spring


spring’s urgent leisure
flowers drop a fine pollen
to ride listless winds