POEM: The Pleasures of Being Rained In

rainy season spatters onto big leaves —

like banana leaves

playing the jungle like a white noise orchestra

close your eyes and the wall of sound

drags over your senses

smearing tactile and olfactory experience

into the bombardment

yet the sameness of sounds offers no hold

and so that rain-on-leaf spatter dance

lulls one into a ragged, tattered trance

whether it brings euphoria or dark fears

or jagged agony or inexplicable tears

one can’t know without surrender


energy spills down my back

a liquid, electric energy

the subtle tug can be felt against tiny hairs

if your mind can move at the pace of that subtle tug

and not be sprung like a panther’s lunge

you can find your surrender

POEM: Monsoon City Night

pavement shimmering in the arc lamp glow
human traffic hardens as water flows
a can glides, twisting, toward the storm drain
riding a ruddy river of rain

a torrent pours, night awash in white sound
sewers fill, the city gurgles and drowns
boarding the bus requires a quay
each monsoon night seeks a revival day

POEMS: Dreary Day Haiku

IMG_2123Clouds chugged landward
Smothering a festive town
In a dense, gray cloak


Dreary days have come
Reminding me of Britain,
the long nightless nights


Drizzle piddles down
Dimpling the sidewalk sheen
With random ripples