Edgeless Edge [Free Verse]

Some speculate about
 the edge of the universe,
  and what exists beyond.

But that edge - if it exists -
 is beyond another edge:
  the farthest points
   from which we can see light.

In a tower
 on a mountain,
  there's still an edge
   of our eyesight --
like the others,
 it's an edgeless edge, 
  signifying nothing 
   but our own limitations.

We are builders
 of edgeless edges,
  fashioning boundaries
   that don't bound anything,
    but by which we are bound.

Freedom [Free Verse]

He who would know freedom
 must be ready for the fall,
  ready to be untethered.

Freedom is not 
 floating on a cloud;

  it's riding the rapids down, 
   trying to get one's feet first, 
    so that one breaks a leg --
     and not a skull --
      on the rocks.

Satori [Free Verse]

It was a moment 
 of silent spaciousness.

In the midst of a fight,
 there was no enemy --
  just the effortless
   dance of the thing.

That moment 
 expanded to the infinite,
  & snapped back 
   to one tick after the tock.

Since then, 
 no catastrophe has felt 
  too great for a smile.

Eruption [Free Verse]

It's such a peaceful cone,
 but I think of Krakatoa.

How much patience
 can a volcano have?

It's got just the two speeds:
 static & exploding.

A human, given those choices,
 would choose to spend its time
  in explosion. 

The calm of perfect stillness
 could last only so long
  before it made one itch
   and scream. 

Someday, it will blow its
 beautifully symmetric top,
  leaving a jagged rim,
   and smoking like a 
    postcoital movie character.

Birds Wheel About [Free Verse]

a flock of pigeons
mills about in a lazy dance,
pecking and shifting 

then explode into 
panicked flapping,

as they wheel about,
gaining spontaneous unity, 
reaching investigation mode,

they bank heavily,
like a C-130 gunship --
a Puff the Magic Dragon --
pivoting onto a target

Nature [Free Verse]

it's beauty & chaos
& pristine vistas
& unfiltered slop soup
& kungfu fighting animals,
madly mauling each other

but it's also creatures pulling 
critters of another kind
out of the mud pits

sea turtles keeping afloat 
sailors pitched overboard

it moves in mysterious ways,
but never malicious ways

it's savage & vicious,
but knows not evil --
for evil is solely the domain 
of the labeling class

it knows not virtue either,
the closest it knows to goodness  
is the experience of experience

the Now,

a moment unfolding 
with the least possible effort,
and with no thought whatsoever

Kevala [Free Verse]

breath ceases
and the body is quiet
and the mind is calm

and there is nothing
no world
no throngs
no hordes
no disasters

breath returns
so does the world

Stormy Shore [Free Verse]

a typhoon stalled offshore,
and dreary clings to this place

a miasma written in solid hours

when will clouds crack 
let the light in?

just one blue bolt of sky,
showing through a crevice?

my head is in fog,
and I can't hear 
my pounding heart
over the crashing of waves

Disintegration [Free Verse]

crack the tablets:
smash & shatter them
until they flutter into dust,
dust that's wisped into eddies
and sparkles in the creek bed
and is flushed out to sea
and is but a glittery trace
of what they once were.