DAILY PHOTO: On the Steps of Cusco Cathedral


DAILY PHOTO: Scene from the Tram Tracks, Budapest

Taken on Margit körút in November of 2022. St. Stephen’s Parish Church [not to be confused with St. Stephen’s Basilica] is the building that dominates.

DAILY PHOTO: Szilágyi Dezső Square Reformed Church

DAILY PHOTO: Flowers w/ Church, Budapest [Felsővízivárosi Szent Anna templom]


Gothic [Free Verse]

The gothic cathedral is dark --

unilluminated, but for the
flickering orange flames
of votive candles,

and the weak winter light
of a gloomy December day
that warms the panels
of stained glass.

A pew creaks. 
A tiny movement makes 
a giant sound, owing to 
the stony acoustics.

The pew is creaking from the  
restless fidgeting of the 
church's sole occupant.

DAILY PHOTO: Red Church Side Entrance

Church of the Assumption; Szentendre, Hungary; Taken in October of 2022

DAILY PHOTO: Farská Street, Bratislava


DAILY PHOTO: Sculpture and Façade of Blumentál Church, Bratislava


DAILY PHOTO: Around the Church of the Holy Ghost, Tallinn

Taken in the summer of 2011 in Tallinn, Estonia