Weightless Birds [Free Verse]

tweets & cheeps

i hear them all:
dainty expressions 
of tiny birds

i hear them amid
the neck-stretched caws
of jungle crows
& amid
the circling 
screech hawks

weightless birds:
flitting & jumping, 

flitting with wings
blurred to invisibility 
bounce - bounce - bounce

Stand [Free Verse]

Feet feeling rock,
until one loses
the ability to tell
where the sole ends
and the mountain begins.

If one were rooted
like a gnarly cedar,
it would feel no different.

When there is nothing but mind, 
there is no longer anything 
to differentiate...

The Flow of Wild Ideas [Free Verse]

We need a flow of wild ideas,
though some will drift ever onward,
into the vast nowhere:
beyond application or reason.

One will catch on the shore,
others will pile into it,
becoming a beaver dam of bad ideas.



But the flood will rise, 
and lift that stuck idea,
and send the whole logjam
spiraling out to the deeps
where maybe one idea 
will float apart,
and find the light 
that makes it look worth chasing.

Cattails [Free Verse]

In a patch of Deccan wetlands,
I see the cattails of my Hoosier youth.

Half a world away,
and nature grants me continuity
that culture can't provide.

I am transported to my youth
by a common landscape.

Indiana -- India,
names almost the same, 
but ever so different...

except the cattails.

Rocky Shores [Free Verse]

a rocky monolith,
jutting from the sea,
is smashed by waves.

overgrown with moss
& gnarled trees.

battered brutally
& unrelentingly,

and yet unchanged 
& unmoved.

 birds confidently
settle upon the rocks
take off again,

Victory Mythologized [Free Verse]

victory in the palm of the hand
the winged, laurel-bearing Nike --
goddess who personifies victory)

it's a bit on the nose
as is the bent front leg
as if standing on the chest 
of a vanquished foe

as is the looming,
nothing says victory
like looming
(unless you're a weaver) 

but victory is never so 
unambiguously glorious
as it's mythologized

Nine Miles Deep [Free Verse]

nine miles down
an old dirt road 
that runs the valley,

the road disappearing
before the pass,

fading into a footpath,
and then into a vague notion

in a rare turn of events,
i can see - but not hear -
the whitewater 
that's running back toward 
from whence i came,
and then on to a sea
in some distant country

i sit on a grassy hilltop,
feeling i'm far enough 
down the road 
to be at peace

Stone Guard [Free Verse]

arrayed in pairs,
mythical guardians
stand aside a stone staircase

the tourists seem
undissuaded by the figures -
be they freakish, grotesque,
or mean

the most dismaying of them
may be the ones with a
warm, polite 

and a lion's body

Bad Anthropologist [Free Verse]

Today, I read about an anthropologist
who was living among an isolated tribe, 
[as anthropologists tend to do]
a tribe who believed that twins
weren't really people,
and that twin babies 
should be left to die 
of neglect. 

This anthropologist, 
like all good anthropologists,
was trained to respect 
indigenous beliefs and 
to not go mucking around
and breaking the "Prime Directive"
[well, that term is from Star Trek,
but good anthropologists have similar
directives -- or, at least, proclivities --
i.e. to be objective,
and - to the degree one can't be -
to recognize one's biases and try to 
note the role they might play.] 

This anthropologist was doing a
grand job of being an anthropologist,
until a woman in the tribe had twins...

Mad Mind-Fire [Free Verse]

My brain is an angry sac of neurons:
hot wired / electrified.

Sizzling synapses ready to snap
and spew seedy scenes
upon this world.

But no one hears a scream
in the dark void of a barren mind:

though the scream radiates outward
as a painful wave of unknown
origin & purpose,

a tremor in the fabric of us