DAILY PHOTO: Rainy Season Angkor Wat

Taken in October of 2012 at Angkor Wat

Fun fact: Instead of a dry season and a monsoon (rainy) season, Angkor has a rainy season and a rainier season. That is, there’s the Northeast monsoon season from December through April, and that transitions into the Southwest monsoon season that picks up from April through November.

POEM: Ruins

blocks of rubble

corners & edges eroded round

bas reliefs dulled


adorned by jagged cracks

once the Earth’s most massive city

in its day London was a hamlet





infinitely patient arboreal adversaries

claimed the light

drilling down into cracks

making chasms

to set roots

strangler figs, literally,



[National Poetry Month: Poem #8]

DAILY PHOTO: Strangler Fig

Taken in October of 2012 at Angkor.

Taken in October of 2012 at Angkor.

At Angkor, trees swallow temples, both breaking them up and holding them together, giving us a glimpse of the world after us.