Submerge! [Free Verse]

a solid, black silhouette


it struggles to plunge
not be kicked back up --
to not bob like a wine cork
in the dark sea

but it seems to have
no mass to sink

but the right mass
to fly

Coming Up for Air [Free Verse]

Breaching the surface,
 one's neck craning, stretching,
  one's lips in a wide "O," 
 one gasps,
   sucking air with a monster moan,
   or maybe it's dying-man death-rattle.

The gasped breath
 is insufficient, 
  and the body shoves
  it back out,
    craving more &
    impulsively air packing. 

As one bobs in the water,
 one times another gasp 
  to the rebounding breach.

This one is more satisfying,
  more calming:
   the perfect breath --
    for all intents & purposes.

There may be a time
 when each breath is as precious
  as this one.