Falling Leaf [Haibun]

A leaf falls, spinning as it drifts downward. Then, for an instant, it seems to pause in the air before continuing to drop, twist, and flutter. I question whether the leaf stopped, my mind stopped, or the universe stopped. Probably, nothing stopped -- a mere momentary balance of updraft and gravitational pull, an unstable and ephemeral equilibrium, like a spontaneous retention of breath -- usually missed before it can be noticed, but just this one time, I was witness.

a falling leaf
seems to pause in air,
and I am there 

POEM: A Leaf in the Light

i see a leaf amid leaves
the tree is covered in creepers
these leaves churn out power
— silently —
each leaf making miniscule food,
but there are so many —
and so many hours of daylight,
and they take no breaks
they sit in tight clusters
waving in wind
still in stillness
— but ceaselessly working —
until the day is done
darkness descends

and i can’t help but wonder whether they have leafy dreams, and — if so — what a tree’s dreams feel like?

DAILY PHOTO: Blue Butterfly on a Green Leaf

Taken June 12, 2015 in Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP)

Taken June 12, 2015 in Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP)

DAILY PHOTO: A Miracle in Each Leaf

Taken in the Summer of 2012 at Zoo Atlanta

Taken in the Summer of 2012 at Zoo Atlanta

Bonus pic

Bonus pic

The top pic reminded me of a line of poem I once scrawled: “I see a miracle in each leaf.” The little guy seems pretty fascinated anyhow.

What is he (or she–we weren’t that well acquainted) thinking?


Early Spring Haiku


stalwart Beech tree
still gathering sunlight
on last year’s leaf


arrives to party first
eager flower


a bud breaks open
its tiny leaf waves hello
welcoming the spring


spring’s urgent leisure
flowers drop a fine pollen
to ride listless winds