Painted Forest [Lyric]

The forest looks painted
with dabs of bright color,
a pointillist mural 
of the leaves' last hurrah.

Soon, it'll turn twiggy,
and sing desolation,
and invite the fog in
to soften sharp lines.

Then one day you'll notice
leaves glowing in sunlight.
Their green will be golden
from warm yellow rays.

The maturing forest
will darken its greenness, 
turning to sober tones
that blot out the light. 

Yellow Shadow

The fallen leaves
of a sheltered tree

form a shadow
made of yellow,

a pointillist shadow
painted yellow,

‘til the wind blows
angled and low

to send that shadow
on its way -

or ‘til the leaves
turn brown and crisp…

whichever comes first.