Chiaroscuro Green [Free Verse]

densely packed stands of pine,
the dark green 
insinuating black shadow

set against the verdant
grassy meadows
and shaggy scrubland

it makes the mountain 
look angular,
 with sharp edges
pounded into shape

the pine-writ shadows
steal depth,
suggesting absence,
creating the impression
of emptiness,

a false void...

or so it seems

DAILY PHOTO: Helicopter in the Mountains

Taken in May of 2018 near Annapurna Base Camp [ABC]

DAILY PHOTO: Evergreens on the Mountain, Himachal Pradesh

Taken in June of 2015 in the Great Himalayan National Park

DAILY PHOTO: Umiew River

Taken in April of 2017 on the David Scott Trail

DAILY PHOTO: The Rushing Towaliga, High Falls State Park

Taken in 2013 at High Falls State Park, Georgia, US

Walking [Common Meter]

The columns of the forest lift
the vaulted canopy.
I walk down below on the trail
that parts understory.

Each step through the loam brings me home
to barefoot days of yore.
When I thought nothing of placing
skin to the forest floor --

while letting the woods become me
as I grew into it;
I would yield my identity.
To nature, I'd submit.

And in a walk, I did become
everything and nothing,
falling into a peace at once
humbling and stunning.