DAILY PHOTO: Qoq Jaiyq Valley, Kyrgyzstan


DAILY PHOTO: Scenes from Sonamarg

Winter Walking [Lyric Poem]

Out into a winter night,
 with snow and silence and fright.
  What's beyond the torch's light?

Rubber boots on crunching snow.
 Oh, how far we have to go.
  An hour's trudge until sun glow
 gathers on the horizon.

  Then walk 'til the day is done --
   again abandoned by the sun. 

We'll set up camp in the dark,
 try to get flame from a spark,
  and dread when next we embark...

a few hours down the line.

DAILY PHOTO: Kodachadri Overlook in the Dry Season

DAILY PHOTO: Green Rice & Brown Hills