Nine Miles Deep [Free Verse]

nine miles down
an old dirt road 
that runs the valley,

the road disappearing
before the pass,

fading into a footpath,
and then into a vague notion

in a rare turn of events,
i can see - but not hear -
the whitewater 
that's running back toward 
from whence i came,
and then on to a sea
in some distant country

i sit on a grassy hilltop,
feeling i'm far enough 
down the road 
to be at peace

DAILY PHOTO: Green Hill Under Monsoon Skies

Taken in October of 2020 at Devaramane Betta

DAILY PHOTO: Rhododendrons of Many Colors

Taken in West Sikkim on the Goechala Trail in May of 2022.

DAILY PHOTO: Whitewater & Pines

Taken near Jeti-Ögüz in the Summer of 2019

DAILY PHOTO: Kaindy Lake, Kazakhstan

Taken in the Summer of 2019 at Kaindy Lake

The submerged trees [below] for which Kaindy Lake is famed came about when part of the mountain sloughed off to create a natural dam and reservoir [above.]

DAILY PHOTO: Mount Pandim

Taken in May of 2022 in Sikkim on the Goechala Trail

DAILY PHOTO: Thangsing Camp, Sikkim

Taken on the Goechala Trail at Thangsing Camp in May of 2022