DAILY PHOTO: St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Pune

Taken in March of 2023 in Pune.

DAILY PHOTO: Ohel David Synagogue, Pune

Tomb of David Sassoon, businessman & philanthropist who funded the Synagogue

FUN FACTS: – This is the largest synagogue in Asia (if you don’t count Israel as an Asian nation.) – But Pune has only about 200 Jews. – The synagogue is also called Laal Deval. – It was built in the 1860’s in the English Gothic style.

DAILY PHOTO: Aga Khan Palace, Pune

The palace now houses a Gandhi museum focusing on the lives and independence work of Mahatma and Kasturba Gandhi, and houses a memorial to the Mahatma, Kasturba, and Mahadev Desai (the latter two died while imprisoned here.)