Sea Gate [Free Verse]

The gate faced the sea.

It seemed like
a strange place
for a gate.

The sea spray
of crashing waves
flew up to douse
those who passed through.

Which way was in?

Which way was out?

And then I accepted 
that "in" & "out"
were meaningless constructs, 
and that it was a portal
between infinities.

DAILY PHOTO: Blue & Gold Gate, Mangalore

Taken in Mangalore (Mangaluru) on July 11, 2021

DAILY PHOTO: A Few Lesser-Known Sights of Amer

Taken in March of 2020 in Amer.

DAILY PHOTO: Lahori Gate of Red Fort


Taken in October of 2013 in Delhi

Taken in October of 2013 in Delhi

RedFort13The seven white, bulbous mini-domes in the top background of the bottom shot are the same as those at the top of the upper photo. Fortifications are built out in front of the gate to add a measure of security. There is no line-of-sight view of the gate from the front.