POEM: Traveling Companion

On mountain trails, the sound of running water
— burbling or rushing —
is a stalwart companion.

Even the rushing water, rushes lazily,
having surrendered to gravity.

Stagnation requiring an act of might —
a Herculean struggle against the flow —
that no drop can muster.

Should an unfortunate splash
spray a drop into a rocky pool,
even then,
time will insist it give itself to condensation.

All paths lead to the sea,
but no two paths are the same.

DAILY PHOTO: Yellow Water Crowfoot

Taken in April of 2012 at Yellow River Park

DAILY PHOTO: Snake in a Creek

Taken at the Reynolds Nature Preserve in Morrow, Georgia in July of 2012

DAILY PHOTO: Muscovy Duck, Struttin’ and Primpin’

Taken at General Coffee State Park in the Autumn of 2011

DAILY PHOTO: Flowers in Mudigere

Taken in April of 2015 on or around the Karthikeya Coffee Plantation

DAILY PHOTO: Howrah Natural Bridge at Low Tide

Taken on Neil Island (Shaheed Island) in December of 2018

DAILY PHOTO: Tusker Chewing Marsh Grass

Taken in May of 2017 at Amboseli National Park

DAILY PHOTO: Deer, Arabia Mountain

Taken at Arabia Mountain Park in August of 2011