Mountain Mimicry [Haibun]

The cloud mimicked a mountain top, its ridge sun fired to bright white by the rising sun, its shadow side in granite gray, being impenetrable to the sun's rays. Mountains that imposing live a thousand miles away, but that cloud took me there. 

the morning sun
lights up a dense cloud
to mimic mountains

Wide Open Spaces [Free Verse]

out of my cell 
onto the trail

i walk the vast expanse,
the vault of heaven above
hills of rolling green
beneath my feet

and clouds barge through
blue skies
like thoughts barge through
my mind -


Chiaroscuro Green [Free Verse]

densely packed stands of pine,
the dark green 
insinuating black shadow

set against the verdant
grassy meadows
and shaggy scrubland

it makes the mountain 
look angular,
 with sharp edges
pounded into shape

the pine-writ shadows
steal depth,
suggesting absence,
creating the impression
of emptiness,

a false void...

or so it seems