DAILY PHOTO: On Stone Mountain

Taken on Stone Mountain in September of 2011

DAILY PHOTO: Havelock Island Feathered Sunrise

Taken in December of 2018 on Havelock Island (a.k.a. Swaraj Island)

POEM: Pale Skies

bleached in bright sunshine --
thin, wispy white clouds
are barely seen 
amid the washed out skies

some summer day -- 
sending one running 
for sunglasses
to avoid a blinding headache

it seems the world 
might fade into a 
tabula rasa, or
blanch anemically

DAILY PHOTO: Vattakottai Fort Beach

Taken in December of 2020 at Vattakotai Fort Beach, near Kanyakumari [to the South]
To the north