POEM: Infinite Ships

The voyage, now, is at an end.
The anchors have been cast.
The fleet bobs silently offshore,
looking boundlessly vast.

For fog has settled on the bay
and ship shapes fade to gray.
They count themselves infinite ships
while bounded by that bay.

The sea deceives, that much is true;
the rest we’ve yet to know.
Some will swear that trawlers sit there
that were lost long ago.

DAILY PHOTO: The Eyes Have It

Taken in December of 2015 in the Mekong Delta

Taken in December of 2015 in the Mekong Delta

IMG_0518 IMG_0554


In the Mekong Delta, the ships have eyes. Well, many of them do anyway. The eyes painted on the bow of boats and ships are to ward off evil. Interestingly, the one class of boats that typically don’t have eyes are fishing vessels. Fishermen fear the eyes will scare away the fish, and they’re willing to take their chances with evil. Plus, we all know that evil fish are the most tasty.