Flowering Haiku

hectic sidewalk
frangipani blossoms
stepped over

calling bees
scent, color, and glory

the hillside
when rhododendrons bloom
shangri la

for two weeks
the valley flowers,
its spell cast


purple circle
rings the base of a tree
regal shadow

Falling Water Haiku

thunder yon
Zambezi rafting
greenhorns beware

water wind-misted
plume-zone green

terraced hill
rice paddy cascades
depth perfection

dry season
murmur to trickle to
fall-less falls

level rising
the overspill rolls
pulling drops

Desert Haiku

offset prints
bisected by tail drag
lizard sign

gnarled driftwood,
snake skin, rusty barbed wire
in red sand

cold morning,
the rising fire ball,
a silent knell

red sandstone
warmed by the rising sun
gorge aglow

yon mirage
mirror-clear blue,
chase the lie

Agriculture & Nature Haiku

grazing sheep,
loitering head down;
what awes them?


rice terraces,
disguising man’s order
in nature’s green


ripe wheat,
bobbing in a breeze —
sea-like moves


on a range
that stretches beyond sight
but not mind


tea plantation,
a snake slithers through
amid the pickers

Still Winter Haiku

icy river
all the world stands still, or
pretends to

snow deadens
sounds and signs of life
a blank slate

the breeze dies
then the snow fall ceases
time freezing

deep footprints
tell of a man and a dog
hunting rabbit

an old church
the surrounding snow
is unmarred

DAILY PHOTO: You know you’re stuck in traffic when…

… a butterfly lands on your hand while you’re operating a scooter.

Taken in Bangalore in the spring of 2019.

Five Haiku Gone Awry

one-winged seed
drops, twirling to earth,
in slant descent


twisted petals
painted by textured brush
fall as one


porch-sitter views
a corn crib and red barn;
all slouch with age


trust all lambs
trust tigers to be tigers
trust man, not


if a sight
can quicken your pulse
it’s love… or death