POEM: Yeti in Shangri-La

You wonder how anyone could
believe in Shangri-La,
like it must take damage to one’s
neurons or ganglia.

But if there’s a place I would search
for Yeti high and low —
it would be that Himalayan
land called ‘abode of snows.’

If you can see the vast expanse —
the mountains stretched for miles,
and asked about a lost city,
make your smug denials,

then you haven’t truly seen the Himalaya.

POEM: The Rocky Coast

Rocky stumps jut from cold, mute seas.
Land’s jagged defenders.
From craggy pits gnarled bonsai sprout,
show of nature’s splendors.

Did land break up, thrust from the sea,
or sea eat away land?
And how’d its jolie laide charm bloom?
Rugged and unplanned.

DAILY PHOTO: Snail on a Leaf

Taken in October of 2019 in Auroville

There are so many things in this life that I wish to — but cannot — understand. One is how this snail moved his entire house onto a leaf barely wider than said house and a fraction of its weight. Riddle me that.

DAILY PHOTO: A Zeal of Zebra Walks by the River

Taken in April of 2017 at Chobe National Park

DAILY PHOTO: Spine in the Sand

Taken in July of 2019 at Fairy Tale Canyon on the south shore of Issyk-kul.