POEM: The Destroyer

Mighty Fungi, the destroyer,
rending like a divorce lawyer.
There are no bonds you can’t dissolve.
It’s by your graces our world revolves.
Your rap is bad, but we all know,
the pile of stiffs would ceaseless grow,
if you weren’t breaking down the dead.

Plus, we love your work on beer and bread.

DAILY PHOTO: Green Mountains, Himachal Pradesh

Taken in June of 2015 in Great Himalayan National Park, Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh

POEM: Himalaya

How the feet slow, up amid the ice flow.
Where air is rare, and each step goes higher,
thinking of those who froze or maybe lost a toe,
yet trudged through the scree, the snow, and the mire.

But who’s ever said it wasn’t worth the trip?
You may well hate to feel yourself suffocate,
but you’ll buy your permit, and get all equipped,
strapping on your pack, taking task with fate.

To see the orange glow on the ridgeline,
like fire dancing on the edge of a knife.

But what monster has such a wicked spine,
begging a fight to the last ounce of life.

Please meet the lovely “abode of snows,”
I think you’ll find her worth the throes.

Urban Wildlife Haiku

crowded skies,
circling raptors weave
invisible baskets.

little chipmunk,
screeching relentlessly,
stop! all are warned.

rat slinks away
as cat creeps near,
despite edge in size.

popsicle monkey,
crowd coos, “Cute copy-cat,”
idly stuffing faces.

Mumbai leopards?
Hollywood mountain lions?
cats seeking parts?

Lake Haiku

alpine lake,
depth a guarded secret,
mirroring mountain

ships sit
on your sandy bottom,
yet, you’re called “lake”

in sunlight
your glistening canvas,
a bowl of diamonds

winter ice cracks
with steel cable song,
sending shudders

barren pine
beside mud-rimmed lake,
heeding drought

DAILY PHOTO: Standing in Canoe, Kaziranga N.P.

Taken in April of 2017 in Kaziranga National Park in Assam

On a Brahmaputra tributary in Kaziranga National Park.