DAILY PHOTO: Craggy Dome Overlook, Appalachia

Taken in November of 2021 at the Craggy Dome Overlook, Blue Ridge Parkway

DAILY PHOTO: Stone Mountain Lake

Taken in September of 2011 in Stone Mountain Park

DAILY PHOTO: Foot Faults & Fall Foliage

Taken at Georgia Tech in November of 2021

DAILY PHOTO: Rolling Hills w/ River

Taken in November of 2021; Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina

DAILY PHOTO: Autumn Glade

Take in Julian Price Memorial Park off the Blue Ridge Parkway in November of 2021

DAILY PHOTO: A Creek in the Forest

Taken in July of 2012 in Yellow River Park, Stone Mountain

DAILY PHOTO: Mausoleums, Atlanta

Taken in November of 2021 in Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta
Taken in Westview Cemetery of Atlanta, November 2019
Oakland Cemetery

DAILY PHOTO: Yellow Cosmos

Taken in 2009 at Reynolds Nature Preserve in Morrow, GA