Haiku on Music


listless drift
metronomic mast sweeps
the sea’s mute tune


snapping flags
halyard and hook ting the pole
spastic anthem


creek burble
amid the cedars
stream unseen


cave echoes
nothing that moves by sight
avoids bumped head


empty bars
rarely known in nature
end robustly



a crow caws
standing on a stout post
black eye watching

a child wonders,
beyond this rainy valley,
is it white?

nothing scurries
but mushrooms sprout
wet forest floor

lonely bus stop
one man waits for a nearly
empty bus

streaks of blue
viewed through cloudy skies
a bird hops



at the seashore
breath syncs to lapping waves
sea teachings

in between
the inhale and exhale
lies stillness

a breath missed
life takes a moment’s pause
mind is void

slow the breath
drawing each instant out
slow your world

breath control
lets one drop the sails
in rough seas



no birds, nor boar
not even a squirrel,
yet poop abounds

quiet forest
bare trees and thick carpet
decay time

mushrooms grow
in dense clusters on stumps
ringed in moss

earthen hues
far as an eye can see
but for moss green

so short the day
slantwise sunshine from
dawn to dusk



cloud fallen
resting on muddy ground
and limp dry grass

lulled to sleep
staring out a window
into the fog

faint edges
reality is swallowed
by the fog

foggy morn
black branch scribbles
in the gray

what shapes become,
edges softened and deformed,
fog monsters

Christmas Haiku

lights blinking
colors bold and bright
inner child wakes


shops shuttered
hunched against frigid wind
lone soul stands


inner sanctum
a fire sparks and glows
skin flushes


a tinseled tree:
tropical dissonance
in Kuala Lumpur


pine, wood smoke,
& a vinyl bike seat
holiday scents

Forest Haiku

winter forest
light of the rising sun
passes straight through


needle litter
carpeting the forest floor
copper clean


straight trunks
standing tall and tidy
lack character


spring brings blossoms
but how can the trees trust
spring sometimes lies


the gnarled tree
stunted and deformed
stands post-storm

Springtime Haiku

breezy days
cool air weaves its way
through the pines


birds abound,
passing through again,
heading home


the spring thaw
muddy ground squishes


dripping leaves,
patter of bulbous rain;
din of spring


color bursts,
fatal assault upon
dreary days

Five Haiku

frost on grass
early morning chill
felt through eyes

wave wall warps,
becoming tubular
surf crashes

mountains turn
to smooth, round boulders,
then to pebbles

lost ruins
a temple overgrown,

slate gray lake
will be turquoise in time
new eyes, new lake


Taken in August of 2019 at Big Almaty Lake

Haiku of Ecstatic Experience

time may flow
but i’m tethered to now —
one feeling


puppet of infinite strings,
tied to all


music plays
and I ebb and swell
with no mind


calm & storm
harmoniously layered
in one space


chase it, and
it’s gone forever
be, and it is