DAILY PHOTO: Botswanan Bee-eater on a Branch

Taken at Chobe National Park in Botswana in May of 2017

Colca Canyon Condor Haibun

The condor soars, riding the updraft, its back sun-gilt, its wings stretched taught and flared at the tip, its head and eye swiveling seemingly independently, as if able to pierce any point with militant precision of vision. The condor is pure power, but knows the economy of the glide. The condor seeks something meaty, for to land on a desiccated pile of bones and fur is the worst kind of insufferable, and so he glides and watches... and glides and watches...

with piercing eye
and readiness to dive
the condor soars

POEM: Crow in a Combative Stance

metallic beak —
rough striations worn smooth
like rough iron, burnished

feet planted wide–
one fore & one back,
in a combative stance

head low —
beak pointed accusatorily,
swiveling to resettle the eye

then, with flapping wings,

it’s gone