DAILY PHOTO: Központi Vásárcsarnok [City Market, No. 1]

Taken on October 29, 2022 in Budapest

Two Takes on a Bullish Limerick

On Wall Street, there was a commodities bull.
The man knew finance, but could be rather dull.
He made the bacon,
until he was shaken 
to find foreign pork belly dumped by the shipful.
There was an oblivious bull of Wall Street
whose life was portfolios and spreadsheets.
His approach, academic,
missing news of pandemic,
he bet cruise ship line stock would increase.

Night Market [Free Verse]

in the chiaroscuro world
of the night market,
fruity colors blare in
between angular 

the sun is down;
the city is alive,
and soon the 
night market 
will be lively

Kuala Lumpur Limerick

There was a durian seller from K.L.
asked to leave the market 'cause of the smell.
"Buyers 'll find you with ease
from the scent of bad cheese,"
said the contrite landlord in his farewell.

Lost in the Marketplace [Prose Poem]

In 2002, I took a stroll in the marketplace and discovered I couldn’t get out. I was never lost, but neither could I escape the market. When I got home, I found that the market had spread into my home — into my very bedroom. Later, I realized that it had even dropped into my pocket, and I was carrying it with me everyplace I went. I caught a flight, thinking that — even if it caught up with me upon arrival — I’d have a few hours of precious freedom. No such luck. There, in the seat pocket.

I’ve resolved to die in the marketplace, a consumed consumer. At least the flowers will be near at hand.