Elephantine March [Free Verse]

The herd is on the march.

They lumber with slow

The young achieve   
       playful swagger,
        but aren't allowed
         too wide of the line. 

I wonder whether they're
       going someplace good?

DAILY PHOTO: Animals on the Chobe Banks


Zambia Limerick

There was a shrewd carpenter from Zambia
  dismayed to hear what was paid to IKEA.
 He took apart his shelves,
  said, "Make 'em yourselves!"
upped his rates, but threw in a hex key-a.

Contrarian Tourism [Limerick]

A contrarian tourist traveling through Livingstone
missed Victoria Falls when all was said & done.
He'd thought it a trifle
to see tower Eiffel,
and, when in Paris, he made an end-run.