DAILY PHOTO: Red Rock Arroyo in Kyrgyzstan

Taken in Fairy Tale (Skazka) Canyon in the Summer of 2019

DAILY PHOTO: On the Rocks at Gandikota Canyon

Taken in November of 2021 at Gandikota Canyon in Andhra Pradesh

Horseshoe Bend [Free Verse]

I stand before a horseshoe canyon,
and it feels like the world
has folded back upon itself.

And I sort of like that idea.

There's too much emphasis on progress,
so maybe we need pockets of regress.

Not a full fusion blast of regression.
No one's calling for being battered back 
to the stone age.

Maybe, it'd just be nice to escape
the clarity of the watercourse way.

To be in the kind of place
where one has to drop a leaf
to know which way the waters flow.

DAILY PHOTO: Gandikota Canyon into Mylavaram Reservoir

Taken in November of 2021 at Gandikota