Stampede [Free Verse]

Wildlife charges through the city
like the bulls of Pamplona,

a stampede of death 
from a river of life,

a river that flows turbulently,
crashing and slopping.

Nothing can falter before the stampede.
Each step must land solidly,
each step until one's last. 

Ujpest Train Bridge Memorial [Free Verse]

flowers & greenery
little bottled candles
form a memorial
on the train bridge
crossing the river

but the most soul-chilling
is the stuffed toy rabbit,
standing weathered & unkempt,

it testifies that someone
saw the deceased
as a tiny child

was she a tiny child,
or just so remembered?

so many questions float on
as that cold river glides below

For Those Seeking Immortality [Rondeau Triolet]

To stretch a life beyond the time of trees
be ready for a glacial shift of pace.
There'll be no undulation of the seas.
To stretch a life beyond the time of trees,
the tradeoff is what's quick will pass unseen.
So, what say you, Kings of infinite space?
To stretch a life beyond the time of trees
be ready for a glacial shift of pace.

The End Times Ball [Common Meter]

A sign that hangs on down the street
proclaims to one and all
that coming soon there will be
a Lonely-Hearts Club Ball.

A dance of manic turbulence
where singles 're all & none.
You can come all by yourself, but
you'll never leave as one.

You'll be swept into unity
with undulating hoards.
Bound by bindings you'll feel, not see;
you'll never cut these cords.

So, welcome to the end of you,
as only you can know.
And welcome to the beginning
of the everlasting flow.

For an end is a beginning
of something bold and new.
And a beginning is an end:
'cause we're just passing through.

The Axeman [Free Verse]

Guillotine art-eest...
Elongator of necks...

His motto:
"Making them deader
than your average beheader."

Sharpening his blade,
Split hair-testing

Precise as the 
Taoist butcher --
blade between bone,
no nicks allowed

Killer of killers,
an audience thriller

Step right up...

Any last words?

Masked & shirtless
pudgy & sweaty

He's the hangman,
the axeman,
a killer of killers.