DAILY PHOTO: Red Building, Bombay

Taken on November 22, 2014 in Mumbai

Taken on November 22, 2014 in Mumbai

Except for old firehouses, one doesn’t see a lot of red buildings. So this one in the Fort District caught my eye. I didn’t realize until I returned home that it’s the home of “The Bombay Samachar,” which is the oldest continuously published newspaper in India–having begun in the year 1822.

POEM: Three Tanka City

Stiff iron trusses
skeletonize a building
outlining order
wind whistles over I-beams
flexing,  moaning, and rising

Steel lugged upward
welded into false order
chaotic city
don’t pretend order reigns here
litter skitters on the wind

From: the Butterfly
To: the city residents
Sorry my flapping
caused the storm that destroyed your
lovely burgh. I didn’t know.