POEM: Imagination Tree

Under blue skies, the live oaks were just trees — hearty and expansive trees.

But in the feeble light of waning days or the frequent forays of morning fog, the rangy and sinuous moss-draped limbs became a Lovecraftian monster, head stuck into the damp loam in an attempted retreat to the underworld.

And if one stood still enough, those limbs just might start to writhe.

POEMS: Worlds, Real & Imagined

People die from skin cancer —
freaking out about nuclear power plants —
but not freaked out about the sun
enough to slather on some sunscreen.

A plane crashes,
and many decide it’s safer to drive —
clearly, they must be among the 93%
who are better than average drivers.

Mosquitos kill five orders of magnitude
more people than sharks,
and yet “PROBOSCIS” is not a movie
that will give “JAWS” a run for its money.


People pride themselves on living in the real world,
and yet…