POEM: Snowy Street [PoMo Day 14 – Prose Poem]

I walked a snowy street, quietly as the falling snow, a snow that melted under foot, not one that crunched - compacting. Everything was deadened by that not-so-cold snow, a snow that swallowed sound, a snow that would have shunned light -- had there been any to shun. But it was night, and I was walking in the snow.

POEM: The Ekstasis of a Warm Bed [in a Cold, Snowy Land]

-To watch powder cling to sill and muntin through the frosted panes,
but not be chilled by that crisp whiteness

-To slacken on the back of spastic release – lulled by discordant heartbeats,
while feeling that they — and all — are in perfect accord

-To drift into slumber with no urgency and to awaken noncommittally,
sinking ever deeper into mattress and mind

-To love the snow for its beauty
as much as for its lack of reach

POEM: Awaiting Winter [Sonnet]

The winter skies are drifting slowly in,
and soon the snow will begin to amass —
the powder settling so scant and thin,
accruing between blades of withered grass.

How many times will skies sputter, thusly
without it piling up or drifting deep?
Just coating soil like the world went dusty —
not snow one shovels but the kind one sweeps.

A child’s and an adult’s prayers differ.
While grown-ups are content to prolong Fall,
kids wish that winter will get here quicker —
but all wish Christmas snow will come to call.

“And when will snow liven our bleak doorstep?”
A question I once asked, but now forget.

Desolate Snow Haiku

boot crunch
‘a cloudless night,’
he concluded


old coat of snow
nary a track in sight
beauty abandoned


snow blind
trudging and slogging
pure torture


crust of snow
over dry powder
bone cold


drifting flakes
add a wedge wall
to a farmhouse

DAILY PHOTO: Snow Pockets

Taken on June 10, 2015 in Great Himalayan National Park

Taken on June 10, 2015 in Great Himalayan National Park

IMG_1339 IMG_1350

Most of the snow that we saw during our trek last month was well above us, but we did have one day in which we had to cross through pockets of snow many times as we rounded a mountain at about 4,000 meters.


DAILY PHOTO: The Snowy Side of the Mountain

Taken June 10, 2015 in Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP).

Taken June 10, 2015 in Great Himalayan National Park (GHNP)

The beauty of mountains is that they show so many faces in such little space. We were on a sunny mountainside topped with tufts of dry grass. Then we crossed over a saddle-point on a ridgeline, and this was the new view.

Winter in Budapest

I took these five years ago… how time flies. But, tis the season.

City Ice Rink next to the Vajdahunyad Castle

City Ice Rink next to the Vajdahunyad Castle

This has been one of the most popular pics on my photoblog as of late.

The Neo-Gothic Parliament building from Normafa.

The Neo-Gothic Parliament building as seen from Normafa.

Normafa overlooks Budapest from atop of the hill. On this day the hilltop was dusted while there was not a trace of snow in Budapest.

Normafa near the tower

Normafa near the tower

The aforementioned dusting of snow written over by long shadows of winter.

A cross in the woods

A cross in the woods

A solitary cross and headstone next to the trail.

Winter markets

Winter markets

It wouldn’t be Budapest in winter without a shot of one of the markets. When it’s blustery and gray outside, the warm scent of roasting nuts or baked goods  bring a smile to the face.

The big winter market at Vörösmarty Square.

The big winter market at
Vörösmarty Square.