The Keeper’s Conundrum [Common Meter]

Living like a lighthouse keeper -
alone beyond nowhere.
Out of sight and out of one's mind,
beyond the range of prayer.

One's loss unnoticed until there's
a wreck upon the rocks.
Counted on to prevent chaos
from out in the boondocks.

A world that doesn't want, or know, you
begs your best attention,
but will forget to give all but
its stern reprehension 

should you fail or should you falter
and catastrophe strikes,
they will find your long dead body
with their pitchforks and their pikes.

POEM: Lighthouse Keeper

The lonely lighthouse keeper,
peering through a deep-set but narrow window
at waves smashing onto the rocky shore,
spouting upwards in a fanned geyser.

So much depends 
upon his maintenance of momentum,

but the better things go,
the more dreadfully boring is life,

and when things go poorly,
there are russian roulette
odds of tragedy.

Like life on a mountain,
but when someone crashes 
into the mountainside,
the mountain-man
is an unlikely participant
in the tragedy.