Prague Limerick

There was a clockmaker of Prague,
master of the spring, gear, and cog.
To thwart a reprise,
they poked out his eyes,
that mean Old Town Council of Prague.

Note: There is some disagreement as to whether this actually happened, but it makes an intriguing story. i.e. The town government blinding a craftsman with red-hot pokers to prevent him from building a more beautiful clock for another town. [It reminds me of a similar story (or, possibly, old wives’ tale) about Shah Jahan ordering the Taj Mahal craftsmen’s hands cut off so that they could never eclipse that structure’s beauty.] The rest of the Prague clockmaker’s story is that he returned to his creation and, despite his blindness, smashed up the mechanisms so badly that they couldn’t be repaired.

DAILY PHOTO: 10:40pm in Helsinki

I could really get used to life in Helsinki from May through August. I’m not sure how anyone lives there in December though. I took this to record that it was after 2230 (10:30pm) when we finished dinner one evening. It’s not healthy to eat that late, but when it’s just hinting that it might get dark, it’s easy to lose track of time. This clock tower is on the side of the train station.

Taken in the Summer of 2011

Taken in the Summer of 2011